The Russian Puzzle

Like the Da Vinci code…but real.

There is an ancient puzzle hidden within the pages of a famous ‘novel’.

The solution to this puzzle will reveal the most closely-guarded secret in history.

The puzzle involves sex, religion and a scandal involving the Catholic Church and members of the former European monarchies.

This is a public investigation to expose the shocking truth.

It is based on the discovery of documents confiscated by Catherine the Great over 200 years ago.

Readers will be presented with clear evidence in plain English designed for a wide audience.

This highly controversial report will be distributed via encrypted PDFs anonymously to protect the identities of the historians involved.

Mystification: “A deception that ends in revelation. An author creates a text that successfully mimics a conventional or recognized form, such as a novel… The imitative text contains ironic clues that give away its true status as a fake. The clues lead the attentive reader along the path of deception to discovery of the fake… it is a trick that teaches, an illusion that reveals and an artifice that manifests its own contrivance.”


An extract from ‘Learning from Lying’, Delaware Press 2005, by Professor Julia Abramson (Oklahoma University, USA).